An initiative of the Policy Planning Committee – Chairman John Fox



1.      To give every assistance, compassionate and practical, to road trauma victims and/or victims' families and friends.


“The true way to mourn the dead is to take care of the living who belong to them.” – EDMUND BURKE


2.      To give assistance, compassionate and practical, to victims of any other misdemeanour, whenever the necessity arises.


“The Love of Humanity is the whole of Morality. This is Goodness, this is Humanism, this is the Social Conscience.” – J WILLIAM LLOYD


3.      To ensure that the principles of fairness, justice, impartiality and integrity are upheld and practiced at all times.


“Let us cling to our principles as the mariner clings to his last plank when night and tempest close around him.” – ADAM WOOLEVER


4.      To ensure that the objectives and priorities of the company are zealously pursued, avoiding any neglect of these duties which could have the potential of retarding the achievements of the company’s goals.


“Courage is sustained by calling up anew the vision of the goal.” – A G SERTILLANGES


5.      To practice frank and courteous discussion and co-operation when dealing with Government and semi-Government agencies, legal fraternity and members of the community.


“Good is that which makes for Unity, Evil is that which makes for Separateness.” – ALDOUS HUXLEY


6.      To report, record and relay to the public all information pertaining to the company in an accurate and honest manner.


“Every man has the right to his opinion, but no man has the right to be wrong in his facts.” – BERNARD M BARUCH


7.      To, as a representative of the company, conduct all business in an honest, objective and professional manner.


“He who keeps back the truth, or withholds it from man, from motives of expediency, is either a coward or a criminal, or both.” – MAX MULLER


8.      To, as an appointed promoter of the company’s ideals, portray the company in good faith, abstaining from seeking self-recognition and self-gain.


“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – WINSTON CHURCHILL


9.      To avoid airing any grievances or criticism of the company, other than at company meetings, and to abide by the directions of the Management Committee.


“We cannot hope to command brotherhood abroad if we do not practice it at home.” – HARRY S TRUMAN


10.  To increase, at every opportunity, public awareness of the company’s aims and to maintain this awareness within the community at large.


“Once we move from thought into action we create feedback – the most valuable of all information.”