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Office Hours: 9am-4pm Monday -Friday


After Hours :  24 hour  crisis line

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Brief History of CARS Ltd:


CARS was founded on July 7, 1984 with the original intention of acting as a road victim support group.  But it was soon realised that there was yet a lot to be done to persuade governments and the courts that a road victim is a victim of crime too, not just someone who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. CARS campaigned strongly for the introduction of Random Breath Testing (RBT), and thanks to the efforts of CARS' founder Phyl den Ronden, it was finally introduced, thus saving about 100 lives per year. One of the ways of campaigning was the erection of a mock graveyard at various centres around Queensland.


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The fledgling group began extensive research into road trauma prevention and deterrent-effective sentences for criminal use of a motor vehicle resulting in death or serious injury.  Submissions for both of these outcomes are ongoing. CARS also produced a journal, copies of which are available elsewhere on this site.


CARS is a non-profit public benevolent association limited by guarantee.  It is unfunded by any government organisation and has been unfunded throughout most of its existence, relying mainly on donations, membership fees and occasional grants.  We would like to take this occasion to thank Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund for grants that allowed us to acquire much-needed office equipment and provide renovations to our premises.  Thanks also go to Dulux (Australia) for providing exterior and interior paint for our premises.  Thanks also go to other business houses that have donated materials and services but do not wish acknowledgment.





CARS invites donations from interested parties.  CARS is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under item 4.1.1 of Subdivision 30-B and under provision of item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.  Donations can now be made online through  However, as CARS has sought and been granted sanction from the Queensland government only at this time, we are not legally entitled to collect or solicit donations under other administrations.  We are thus required to return any such donations that are from these areas outside Queensland.



CARS also invites interested parties to join as members (see membership form for details on fees.