For a way to keep your teenager safe on the road go to


Victims Counselling and Support Services is provided by Relationships Australia through funding by the Department of Communities.

The progress of cases can be found under court listings

For information on legislation and precedents refer to the Traffic Act, Criminal Code, Traffic Act, the Coroners Act and High Court


For other information refer to references under government.

The United Nations endorsed The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims as a global day to be observed every third Sunday in November each year. . They have a Road Safety Week on the days 5-11 November 2007, the main theme of which is child pedestrian and cyclist safety.
Fatality Free Friday is a day to think about road safety wherever you are in Australia and drive to stay alive on Friday 27 April 2007.
23-29 April 2007 is First United Nations Global Road Safety Week See WHO.

For statistics refer to Queensland Transport , Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Transport & Safety Bureau

Comparitive overseas statistics can be found under NHTSA. The Australian Road Research Board is now ARRB Group Ltd.

Other informative sites that may be of interest can be found by searching the web, such as one that relates to grief


People from beyond Queensland may find the following sites in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, UK, EEC, South Africa, Argentina and the US to be of interest. The U.K. has a road safety charity called Brake, they have a Road Safety Week 5-11 November 2007, the main theme of which is child pedestrian and cyclist safety. The Amy Gillett Foundation aims to reduce cyclist injuries and deaths. Other UK organisations are CADD, Roadpeace and SCARD. India has Arrivesafe. International travellers have ASIRT. The website of Jacqueline Saburido, who was severely disfigured by a drunk driver and whose story featured on 60 Minutes, can be found at


Miscellaneous: Articles and research relating to road trauma issues and support group chat groups can also be found on the web.  Many sites on this page have their own pages of useful links, see the Aust College of Road Safety for their links. Information for people with brain injury or disability is available. Enough is Enough Anti-Violence Movement Inc have long had an interest in road trauma. People from non-English speaking backgrounds may wish to have these pages translated by the various translator services on the web.

Refer to Lakeside Motor Racing Enthusiasts website for information about Lakeside circuit and the issue about this.

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas in Road Safety can be obtained through the QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety. Other universities with accident research programs are Adelaide and Monash. Vehicle safety ratings estimated from police reported crash data: 2007 update are available at the Monash University site. Sites also exist for crash calculators.

The Catholic Church now has Ten Commandments for drivers.

For information on crash test results go to ANCAP or EURONCAP.

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On February 28th, 2004, 22 month old Jet Rowland was killed when a vehicle being driven in the opposite direction on the Logan Motorway Brisbane Queensland, crossed over the Motorway and collided with our car. Jet's 7 year old brother Bailey was seriously injured and is now a paraplegic. The male driver in his early 50's was a life long epileptic who for 6 months prior to this collision was suffering from unstable epilepsy and was fitting up to 4 times a week, however continued to drive. The subsequent court trial resulted in him being sentenced to 4 years in jail for Dangerous Driving Causing Death and Grevious Bodily Harm for continuing to drive knowing he was not fit to. As a direct result of this incident, new legislation was introduced that says drivers must now report any medical condition that affected their ability to drive to both their doctors and Queensland Transport. This legislation is unofficially known as Jet's law. Jet's parents would like to further amend relevant legislation to include mandatory reporting by doctors of medical conditions to Queensland Transport. This would be a safe guard measure that would ensure that Queensland Transport is notified in the case where a driver refuses to acknowledge or take responsibility for their medical condition and continues to drive. They would like to see this further legislation introduced in an attempt to prevent such a senseless tragedy from happening to another family. You can help them by signing their online petition.

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