Your Role as a Member

It would be impossible to answer in one brief statement, "What does CARS do?" or "What can I do as a member of CARS?" And so this small brochure attempts to answer the most common enquiries made by the media, prospective sponsors and intending members.


            Given time, as an active member of CARS, it is possible for ALL members to do and become, all things within the structure of the company. The possibilities are only limited by the member's free time, their dedication to involvement, their determination to overcome the inherent frustrations, and, in some cases, their qualifications i.e. the chairman of the legal committee must be a solicitor.


            CARS is a company limited - that is, limited by guarantee and having no share capital. No member may benefit from the company funds, except for when they incur a personal debt in pursuit of the company's objects, then out-of-pocket expenses will be paid to them.


            The Management Committee is made up of the Principal Executive Officer, Directors, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairmen of sub-Committees and company Advisers.



            All chairmen of sub-committees are elected at Annual General Meetings.  They may second any member/s to their committee.  No decisions made by sub-committees (especially on company policy) are final or binding on the company until they are duly passed and recorded at a meeting of the Management Committee.




       Individual membership paid annually is $22 or Life Membership paid once only $110.  Companies, unions, sporting bodies and organisations are invited to join either at an annual group fee of $61 or Life Group fee of $220 - this being calculated at 10 years of Single Membership at $22 (includes GST).


       Some companies/organisations choose to become Group Members as their way of making an annual donation of $61, while others choose to make a one-off donation of $220 for Life Membership.  Still, each group has a voice and a vote at general meetings (one vote per group).  Members of a group will sometimes seek Single Membership and can then be nominated by their group for certain positions on the Management Committee.


       No member may be nominated for the positions of Principal Executive Officer or Director unless they have served as an active member for at least two years.  All other appointees to the Management Committee will be at the discretion of the Directors.



       Only one duly elected person at any one time may act as spokesman for the company, or any other member nominated by the elected spokesman.



       A journal committee for The Public Outcry is made up of the Editor, Research Officer and the Chairman of the Policy Planning Committee.  The committee decides any changes of format, content and sponsor advertisements.

Chart of CARS structure