How CARS Can Help

CARS can help individuals who have been involved in road trauma. Assistance extends to a person who may have been injured physically or psychologically and may also include immediate family who witnessed the incident or have been affected as a result of the incident.

Counselling and Support Groups

Working through the effects of road trauma and getting on with daily life is the biggest challenge faced by those affected. In addition to the support of family and friends, the qualified assistance of a professional counsellor will help set events and emotions on the right course. CARS will assist by directing those in need to counsellors in either individual or group settings. Counselling services are available in person or by telephone and where required an interpreter is made available. Counselling is conducted on a confidential basis.


CARS has a well recognised voice in advocating change. CARS’ opinion is often sought by government, non-government bodies and media groups. The aim is to maintain pressure on government and maintain conversation with the wider public. Legislative change and public awareness should aim to reduce the number of road incidents and remove road trauma from all our lives.

Support is needed, hope must be maintained, direction found and new strength grown.